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At The Hops -Beer & Music Podcast

Jan 17, 2017

Zack Roskop is the owner of Knox Brew Tours and he's embarking on a brew tour of magnificent proportions - 76 breweries in 21 days!  Zack joins Chas and Mike on this episode of At The Hops to talk about this upcoming tour of every brewery in Tennessee, and how you can be a part of the action by way of Facebook or one of the tour's after parties!  Check out this great interview and check out Zack's tour page at

We've also got some great beer to taste including a beer cocktail - that's right!  Chas and Mike are becoming full fledged mixologists as they give you the lowdown on a beer margarita suggested by

We're also tasting an imperial porter from Ballast Point Brewery - the Coconut Victory At Sea, brewed with roasted coconut.  On top of that we have the usual fun and games including, including a look into SRM's on Brewery School Dropout, the latest craft beer news, a Top 6 dedicated to the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour," and some very live original music.

Links for this show include:

Tn Beer Run:

Tn Beer Run Facebook:

Beer Margarita:


Top 10 Magical Mystery Tour Songs:

Buffalo Wild Wings:

2017 Beer Trends:

Beers For Not Getting Fat:

Tiny Island w/ Great Beer:

Craft Beer Magazine:

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod and Ben Sound for their wonderful background music!